[AG-TECH] portable AG Node

Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Dec 12 13:33:03 CST 2008

imho, I found the information to be very useful
thx Ben

Brad Knowles wrote:
> Ben Green wrote:
>> I've attached a list of all the items I purchased, along with links to
>> the suppliers (all UK of course).
>> I'm very happy with the performance of this machine, it's really just
>> 'ticking over' when running 4 VGA res cameras plus an HD webcam.
>> I've also attached a photo of the back of the PC. There were just 3
>> cameras connected at the time.
> Would it have been possible for you to post these files to a file or web 
> server somewhere and then send us the links, as opposed to attaching 
> them and sending out a message that was over 3MB in size, to all the 
> hundreds or thousands of recipients of this list?
> I don't want to think about what the load on the mailing list server 
> must have been for the past fifteen minutes....

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