[AG-TECH] Wireless mobile AG clients (was: portable AG Node)

R. P. C. Rodgers rodgers at arborvitae.com
Tue Dec 9 12:44:16 CST 2008

Thanks for sharing, Ben.  I have been trying to take this a step further 
by using a Sprint wireless broadband card (3G, EVDO) in a MacBook Pro.  
In very limited testing, rat audio worked
(though I'd like to run a long test as I'm guessing it will be subject 
to the well-known Mac audio issue in which sound quality degrades over 
minutes, requiring frequent restarts of rat).  The vic
tool, however, failed to start -- and a quick look at log files (thanks 
to Todd Zimmerman)
suggested that perhaps the Internet interface for the Sprint card is set 
up in such a way that vic
can't find it properly.  It would be lovely to get this going properly.  
Also, we need to start
anticipating the use of WiMAX (4G) in the near future...

Regards, Rick Rodgers

Ben Green wrote:
> Hi Sia,
> I recently built a portable node, i.e. a small format PC, that can be put in a box with cameras, mics and speakers and carried around for offsite demos. It could also fit onto a trolley to be moved around a building.
> I've attached a list of all the items I purchased, along with links to the suppliers (all UK of course).
> I'm very happy with the performance of this machine, it's really just 'ticking over' when running 4 VGA res cameras plus an HD webcam.
> I've also attached a photo of the back of the PC. There were just 3 cameras connected at the time. One downside of Shuttles is lack of RS232 port (Serial) so software camera control may not be possible, although this isn't a feature of Toolkit (We run IOCOM IG Meeting on this demo machine). I tried a USB-Serial convertor but couldn't get this working for camera control.
> Hope it helps,
> Ben.
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> I am interested in purchasing a portable AG Node and was wondering if anyone has any recommendation on vendors.
> thanks,
> Sia Najafi
> Director of Research Computing
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