[AG-TECH] Rat error - "Could not initialize Mbus: Is multicast enabled"

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Sun Aug 17 19:21:17 CDT 2008

G'day All


Thanks to those who replied.


As I suspected, the issue was network related, but we couldn't see what
the problem was initially.  After further troubleshooting by the user,
the issue was found to be "dodgy" wireless ADLS modem install.  Once the
device and driver was removed, everything worked fine!


I suspect it was trying to route the multicast traffic through the
device or something like that!


Anyway, thanks for everyone's help and I hope this provides another
thing to look out for.





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Hi guys


Just wondering if someone out there can help.  Whilst running a video
collaboration workshops, I have benn demo'ing the AG software to a
number of colleagues and getting them to install it on their laptops.


Unfortunately, I have one user who has been getting a 


                "Could not initialize Mbus: Is multicast enabled"


rrror message within rat.  See attached pdf to see error message.


The user is running the AG 3.1 "all-in-one-installer" and is able to get
vic working fine.


We have checked the obvious, such as local firewalls, etc.  But we
cannot seem to resolve the issue.  The Audio Service logs are not
telling us much either.


Therefore, I was wondering if there was anyone out there in AG land who
might be able to assist.


I will be continuing the workshop tomorrow and it would be great if I
was able to resolved the problem before the user goes home.


Many thanks in advance,




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