[AG-TECH] 3.2beta is okay for dis-connected AG "demos"

Andrew Leahy alfski at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 04:41:32 CDT 2008

g'day - just some feedback on 3.2beta.

I'm building a small AG demo rig (bunch WinXP laptops, Linux VenueServer)
for a campus OpenDay this weekend.
The machines are on a single switch with no Internet connection -- I just
want to demo 'virtual video classroom' environment

The WinXP AG3.1 client wouldn't start Services under the ServiceManager when
there wasn't an 'Internet' route.
eg. no audio/video service, but could connect to local VenueServer okay.
Linux box is acting as local DNS resolver.

Anyhow after much hair pulling, tried AG3.2beta for WinXP and it's working a

cheers, andrew

school of computing & mathematics
university of western sydney

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