[AG-TECH] Trouble installing on MacOSX

John Toenjes UIUC jtoenjes at uiuc.edu
Tue Mar 13 16:39:23 CDT 2007


A newbie here...I am having trouble installing the software listed on the AG
install page on Mac OSX 10.4.8. The installer page says to install
wxPython2.6-osx-unicode- package, then TigerPython23Compat.pkg.
Unfortunately, I got the order reversed. I first installed the
TigerPython23Campat package (successfully I might add), then tried to
install wxPython (I know- I¹m an idiot!), and I don¹t know if that is what
is causing the wxPhython installer to fail. But fail and fail and fail it
does, I¹ve restarted, run fsck, permissions, etc. etc. to no avail. I tried
the uninstaller script, but that gives me lots of errors and no results. Any
ideas on how to get up and running?


John Toenjes
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