[AG-TECH] Re: AG Town hall time for 3 April and onwards

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Mar 13 13:02:26 CDT 2007


We are seeing that DST change bug that always pops up in Spring and 
Fall.  The problem appears if you are -not- logged in and view times 
in the daily, monthly or meeting details pages.

The fix for this is to delete the cookies for AGSchedule and try 
again.  We have found that IE needs to be completely closed so that 
it forgets the SESSIONID in use.  If anyone knows an easier way to 
reset the SESSIONID, please let me know.  Firefox allows for deleting 
both the AGSchedule cookie and the SESSIONID cookie.

Once logged in, you should see correct times based on the timezone 
setting for your site.
If you have further questions please contact me.

Michael Miller

At 10:19 AM 3/13/2007, Paul Bonnett wrote:
>The times for the town hall sessions on the first Tuesday of each month
>at 10:00 CDT seem to be wrong from now forwards.
>Paul Bonnett
>Videoconferencing Service Co-ordinator
>Atlas Centre Rm F16
>Chilton, Didcot
>Oxfordshire, OX11 0QS
>Tel: 01235 822332
>P.Bonnett at ukerna.ac.uk

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