[AG-TECH]Fun with Venue Servers and NATS

john langkals langkals at pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu
Mon Mar 12 10:03:49 CDT 2007

Hello AG Tech,


There have been a few emails discussing NATS and Access Grid connectivity on
the list lately.  I am trying to setup and Access Grid at another site.
Trying to go through their NAT on my end is no problem. I see all external
and local site video just fine.   The only issue is the NATted site will get
most external video streams that are connected but they do not see their
local video.  Also as they restart their video, more remote site video
streams appear.  Just no local video. This is no surprise as NATed routers
do not have true end to end connectivity and it may break some IP protocols
such as UDP. I am testing in the NCSA Lobby (venue server) and as this site
does not support off site multicast, they are bridging unicast.  I have
tested this in AG 2.4/3.0.2.  


My question is.if I would setup my own venue server, would I be able to pull
off any tricks for both sides to transmit and received video just between
our two sites? Hoping only just connecting between two sites would help out
some how. Is there any way to build a stripped down venue server that would
pull off any port forwarding tricks?  I remember there was a project called
AG Connector but I can't find any information about it.  To anyone's
knowledge, would this be useful in my quest?






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