[AG-TECH] Patched vic for incoming port?

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jun 21 12:40:31 CDT 2007


A build of the UCL vic for Intel Macs can be found here:


It has the patch to try to match the source and destination ports that 
you were interested in.


On 6/21/07 11:22 AM, Ye Wang wrote:
> Fred,
> We were looking for a "new" vic package on intel mac for the setup at 
> UCSF. There's a firewall issue and the vic comes with ag apckage did 
> not work at one site at UCSF. I am wondering if you have the vic 
> package available to share with us. Is there an instruction on how to 
> build vic on mac?
> Cheers,
> Ye
> Fred Dech wrote:
>> Jeremy,
>> i was finally able to install a vic that behaved well on intel macs 
>> during
>> bridging (i think the problem there had to do with the incoming ports 
>> alway
>> being different from the outgoing port).  it Is the SUMOVER vic, but 
>> it wasn't
>> quite obvious, to me anyway, which version was the most recent.  with 
>> Eric
>> Olson's help i zeroed in on the mpeg4/vic at SUMOVER, which is
>> mpeg4 vic 2.8 ucl version 1.3.0.  that version did the trick for me.  
>> i'd
>> easily found version 1.2.0.  that one did not work well on my 
>> system.  check
>> your vic version, maybe you don't have their most recent one.
>> --fred
>> On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 02:39PM, Jeremy Mann wrote:
>>> Is there a patch or patched version of VIC to cope with the random
>>> incoming port issue that was discussed at the Retreat? I've tried
>>> SUMOVERs and the one from VISLAB. I think I remember reading a thread
>>> that this was fixed in a Windows version of VIC.
>>> ---
>>> Jeremy Mann
>>> UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
>>> Bioinformatics Core Facility
>>> (210) 567-2672

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