[AG-TECH] Tabletop-Room mic with integrated echo canceling

R. P. Channing ["Rick"] Rodgers rodgers at nlm.nih.gov
Thu Jun 21 09:57:47 CDT 2007


I sincerely hope the information about the AccuMic PC disappearing is 
incorrect, as we
have had great success with them in our setting, and will very likely 
buy more.  The
ClearOne web site certainly still advertises it as available:


Cheers, Rick Rodgers

Michael Braitmaier wrote:
> To clatify:
> I bought the DSP board from Phoenix Audio and not the PCI-Card.
> I assembled it in a case which I bought at a online-shop which offers 
> stuff
> for electronic devices, and small electrinic parts (e.g. transistors, 
> resistors, etc.)
> So far it worked quit well, however it needs a second to adapt to 
> changed audio levels, for example if you drastically change
> distance between the mic and the speakers or change the volume of the 
> speakers.
> As I still got some e-mails refering to teh ClearOne AccuMic PC, I 
> want to mention again:
> This microphone is no longer being produced by ClearOne according to 
> our German reseller for ClearOne products.
> Michael
> Michael Braitmaier schrieb:
>> Hi everyone!
>> I just wanted to let you all know, what I finally came up with.
>> As availability of the ClearOne AccuMic PC is very rare and is not 
>> produced anymore (according to my national reseller)
>> I decided for a solution which is in the beginning a bit more work. I 
>> ended up buying the following DSP-EchoCanceler-Board
>> http://www.phnxaudio.com/Default.aspx?tabid=75
>> Basically it does the same as their PCI-Card which however only fits 
>> in Desktop-PCs. (see link for information: 
>> http://www.accessgrid.org/node/116)
>> In addition to the board I bought some stuff to put everything in a 
>> small case and have 3.5mm (like they are common among PCs) connectors 
>> in that case.
>> The result is a small echo canceler device that is portable can be 
>> used with PCs and Laptops and in conjunction with small audio mixers
>> like from Behringer it can echo cancel a tabletop and a wireless mic. 
>> The whole cost only was about 180Euro for the complete box.
>> Fields of application for us will be, to quickly equip rooms with 
>> AccessGrid in conjunction with a table top microphone for conferences 
>> up to a max. of ~10 people.
>> Furthermore usage on exhibitions in conjunctions with wireless mics, 
>> AccessGrid and our collaborative software is intended.
>> I consider that cheap and more flexible even compared to the ClearOne 
>> AccuMic PC which in Germany was around 650 Euro.
>> So that's my 2 cent.
>> I might post an entry in AccessGrid.org's hardware section, however I 
>> am not sure whether that would be of use as you can't buy that box
>> but only the parts to assemble it.
>> Michael
>> Michael Braitmaier schrieb:
>>> Hello everyone!
>>> I am a bit in trouble as I need to order a tabletop mic with 
>>> integrated echo cancelation quite fast, however don't have 
>>> experience with them. So I would like to rely on your experiences.
>>> So can anyone recommend one or two of such mics, which work fine and 
>>> produce good results, for direct connection into a 3.5mm PC-Audio-in?
>>> I have just had a look at the follwoing Clearone Mic ( 
>>> http://www.clearone.com/products/product.php?cat=4&prod=17 ),
>>> which seems to be able to work on PCs directly. Does anyone of you 
>>> already have experience with this one?
>>> Thanks in advance
>>> Michael

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