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Wed Jun 20 18:47:09 CDT 2007

On 21/06/2007, at 7:03 AM, Ed Brannin wrote:

> On 6/20/07, Michael Braitmaier <braitmaier at > wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> [snip]
> I decided for a solution which is in the beginning a bit more work. I
> ended up buying the following DSP-EchoCanceler-Board
> Basically it does the same as their PCI-Card which however only  
> fits in
> Desktop-PCs. (see link for information: 
> node/116)
> We've had a SOHO card for a while, but never installed it until  
> today.  Sadly, it performed just like the hardware listing said:

The performance description in that particular hardware listing is  
open to wide interpretation -
	"neither local nor remote sites noticed any audible difference from  
that produced by our standard setup"
since it depends the status of the "standard setup".

Perhaps the author could elaborate on whether the standard setup  
includes working echo cancellation, or has none.


> It doesn't work.  At least, not in a small, square room with wall- 
> mounted speakers.  We played a video on the computer, then watched  
> Rat's talk levels match William Shatner's voice.
> From your email, it's hard to tell if you're using their DSP board,  
> or if you've just bought one and still need to put it together.   
> Either way, I'd like to know: does your way of doing it actually  
> cancel any echo?
> Thanks,
> -Ed Brannin @ RIT
> edbrannin at
> PS: So far, we've been most pleased with an Accumic PC.  We've also  
> had mixed results from chaining together several of Phoenix Audio's  
> Duet Executive microphones, but the seem to work in our current  
> arrangement.

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