[AG-TECH] Patched vic for incoming port?

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Mon Jun 18 20:12:49 CDT 2007


i was finally able to install a vic that behaved well on intel macs during
bridging (i think the problem there had to do with the incoming ports alway
being different from the outgoing port).  it Is the SUMOVER vic, but it wasn't
quite obvious, to me anyway, which version was the most recent.  with Eric
Olson's help i zeroed in on the mpeg4/vic at SUMOVER, which is
mpeg4 vic 2.8 ucl version 1.3.0.  that version did the trick for me.  i'd
easily found version 1.2.0.  that one did not work well on my system.  check
your vic version, maybe you don't have their most recent one.


On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 02:39PM, Jeremy Mann wrote:
> Is there a patch or patched version of VIC to cope with the random
> incoming port issue that was discussed at the Retreat? I've tried
> SUMOVERs and the one from VISLAB. I think I remember reading a thread
> that this was fixed in a Windows version of VIC.
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> Bioinformatics Core Facility
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