[AG-TECH] No Video on WinXP with AccessGrid 2.4 and Osprey 440 video card

Sandeep Pandanaboyana sandeeppandanaboyana at uky.edu
Wed Jun 13 13:14:54 CDT 2007

  We have recently reinstalled one of our systems having Access grid 2.4. We installed the AccessGrid 2.4 toolkit from the access grid website. 

We are currently using two systems
1.display (Reinstalled system)  - captures the video
2.portadisplay                        - manages the audio
and 4 cameras to capture the video.

The cameras are connected to Viewcast osprey  440 video capture card on the machine "display".

"display" is being used to capture video and "portadisplay" to manage the audio. Now, when I start the service manager on "display" and venue client on "portadisplay", only the video capture from 3 of the cameras is being displayed on "display". when I tried to select the fourth camera, its giving the following exception

"Runtime error!
 program ..\Accessgrid\localsevices\videoproducerservise\vic.exe
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.Please contact the application's support team for more information"

The particular display window for the fourth camera then crashes up.

Also before the capture from the other cameras is being displayed, the following message is displayed.

"Cannot use this application when other video application such as DVD, videoconferencing,Video editing, TV viewer is already in user.To try using this for current video application, close the application that is using it"

But when I press "OK", the video capture from other cameras is being displayed normally.And  I see no other application using the cameras running in the background.

Did anybody encounter the same problem and does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance.

Sandeep Pandanaboyana
University Of kentucky

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