[AG-TECH] VenueClient and vic weirdness

Dana Koch dana at sirca.org.au
Tue Jun 5 22:16:27 CDT 2007

    I believe so (are you talking about versioning or something
different?) -- this was the first time I installed AG on this computer.
vic -v reports VIC 2.8ucl-1.1.3-AG. And yes, once I use vic to connect
to one bridge, it seems to work for everything.

I will try and see if firewall changes will improve things.


Andrew Rowley wrote:
> Hi,
> Are you sure that the vic you are running is the same in both cases? 
> Once you have run vic on the command line, does it then work when you
>  change venues in the client?
> I think there was a change in later versions of vic that sent out 
> packets when it started in order to open your firewall.  If you are 
> running this later version from the command line, this could be 
> opening your firewall and thus allowing the traffic in.  In this 
> case, check your firewall is allowing incoming traffic on the 
> appropriate ports and it should then work within AGTk without needing
>  to run it on the command line first.
> Andrew :)
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> VenueClient and vic weirdness
> Hi, I've been experiencing some weirdness getting the VenueClient to
>  work smoothly on FC5 (Linux). Starting the VenueClient only I get 
> "Waiting for video" from vic either on multicast or unicast. However,
>  if before I start the VenueClient I open vic from the command line 
> with the bridge address and port on unicast, start to transmit (with 
> x11, say), I can see all the various video streams. And on restarting
>  the VenueClient, everything works as it should!
> I haven't tested rat yet.
> This seems very strange. Is this a bug, or is this some network 
> configuration problem?
> Thanks Dana Koch
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