[AG-TECH] Possible Bug with VenueManager

west suhanic west.suhanic at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 15:49:44 CDT 2007

Hello All:

There may be a problem with the VenueManager code.

I am running my own VenueServer. In order to run your own VenueServer
you need to generate your own x509 certificates. The problem arises
when I use a x509 certificate for the VenueServer that requires the user
starting the VenueServer to supply a password. If I use this type of
the VenueServer starts and operates fine. However when I go to configure the
VenueServer using the VenueManager, I cannot connect the VenueManager to
the VenueServer. When I start the VenueManager it prompts me for the
for the x509 certificate however it will noyt connect me to the VenueServer.
I use a x509 certificate that does not prompt for a password the
VenueManager works
as expected.

Hopefully someone else can test this scenario to verify my statements.


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