[AG-TECH] Audio freezes on WinXP x64 with RealTek AC97

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Fri Jun 1 09:40:03 CDT 2007

Hi Jon,

> I've downloaded the Sumover rat code from
>    http://mediatools.cs.ucl.ac.uk/nets/mmedia/wiki/SvnDev
> and compiled eveything using Visual Studio 8. One thing fails -
> the ratui link gets errors because the tk library contains X
> functions. Rather than spend any more time I replaced the the AG
> executables: rat.exe and ratmedia.exe, with the newly compiled
> versions. 

I didn't even bother trying to build rat with Visual Studio 2005 as I've
had lots of bad experience importing VS 2003 projects into VS 2005 (like
doing lots of manual fixing to the project preferences). So I used VS
2003 and rat built fine.

Tk for Windows (and MacOS X Aqua) are implemented using a X11
compatibility layer, even though X11 isn't used. I suspect some
pre-processor directives got lost in the conversion of the project to VS
2005 and it's trying to compile the wrong parts.

Sorry I don't have a build of the Windows rat code handy or a PC with VS
2003 currently installed.

> The result is that the same problem exists - rat still freezes
> after a bit of time, it may however, be a bit better, but my
> perception is probably just colored by putting some time into
> the build.

If the problem is somehow due to the the MBUS communication between
ratmedia.exe and ratui.exe, there might be some chance that the SVN code
might fix your issue with a newer ratui.exe which you didn't replace.

> Would anyone have experience with external (USB or firewire) sound
> cards on 64-bit Windows? I see that the Creative SoundBlaster Live! 
> 24-bit External has 64-bit drivers and for about $50 it might be
> worth a try.

Sorry, I can't say I have.


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