[AG-TECH] Re: [AG-DEV] AG3.1 Vic on OSX Issues

Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Fri Jul 27 15:22:15 CDT 2007

Todd Zimmerman wrote:
> Wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with the OSX vic build for AG3.1. On our setup, we
> have a OSX box doing the video consuming - and a linux box doing the vid capture.  The linux box can
> see all of the incoming (muted) sources, however the OSX box shows no incoming video at all.
> I've tcpdumped on both the bridge machine and the local OSX box and there are definitely incoming
> packets from the bridge; however vic shows no video.  The fact that there are packets arriving seems
> to rule out firewall - so I'm left with vic as the problem.
> I've tried using vic as a VideoService on the OSX box and sending out via iSight camera also.  Vic
> does show the iSight - but still no incoming video.  I have got the video feeds to appear once;
> however I can't replicate it.  I believe it started in some combination of starting a second vic
> from the command line and sending a feed out to the bridge... but like I said, I can't replicate it.
> I'll file a bug report but wanted to make sure it wasn't a local issue first.

BTW, PowerPC on a G5 (for clarification).



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