[AG-TECH] 3.1.0b1 mac audio

Piers O'Hanlon p.ohanlon at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Jul 26 04:19:54 CDT 2007


> i realize that the new RAT still only works in 8-KHz mode with mac
> audio interface.   and i expected that from what certain people
> were saying about this issue prior to the 3.1 release.  but what i was
> hoping to get out of the new Sumover RAT was a resolution to the ~ 0.5 second
> audio lag that i've always experienced on the intel macs.
> i don't believe, however, that i've ever heard anyone else lament about
> this.  is it just me, or do other intel mac users experience this feature?
> if it's not just me, anyone know why this delay occurs?
Are you still hearing the lag with 3.1b1 release?

The reason that I thought explained it in previous releases was that
the rat was a PPC binary and hence suffered the lag of being run on
Rossetta. However I fixed the bug that had previously rendered native
Intel RAT audio useless - The fixed version was contained in the 3.1b1
release - so the  new RAT runs native on OSX and I had hoped the
latency issue would have gone away (I don't hear it on my system?)

> thanks,
> --fred

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