[AG-TECH] Audio Reflector room

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Tue Jul 17 06:48:38 CDT 2007

G'day Samuel

One possible reason is that your multicast is not reaching where the
"reflector" is located, and therefore this may explain why you are not
seeing the additional entries.

One way to test this is to connect to the APAG Venue, can you see anyone
in the Venue?  As there should be at least one person in the APAG Lobby.
If you cannot, I suggest you may have multicast issue.  Alternatively,
if you are using unicast, than this might be a issue with the bridge.

Anyway, hope this helps.


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Hi Chris and Markus,

Thanks for the responses.  I cannot see the two entries of my own node 
or the "APAG AudioReflector" node in Rat itself, when in the Audio 
Reflector venue.

I turned off the firewall (I know, silly) and installed the audio 
reflector controller app and received the following error:
> 17/07/2007 20:53:51 : Started
> 17/07/2007 20:54:12 : Failed contacting server (socket.error:(10060, 
> 'Operation timted out'))
I adjusted the reflection delay and pressed apply but it still timed 
out... It certainly seems like a firewall error of sorts, any ideas?  
Might be my router, do I need to open a specific port?

The bars in Rat are moving up and down as I speak into the microphone,  
but there is no bars in the listen section. Does this mean that my 
microphone input is local for Rat,  but the server cannot be contacted 
to listen to the sound?


Markus Buchhorn wrote:
> You should also run the audio reflector controller application (which
is normally stored in the venue data - I can't check or test right now).
That has the option to play back standard sounds stored in the
reflector, so you can test inbound paths separately from outbound.
> Cheers,
>         Markus
> At 10:35 AM 17/07/2007, Christoph Willing wrote:
>> On 16/07/2007, at 8:26 PM, Samuel Gundry wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> The audio reflector and the second participant of me don't appear
when I visit the "Audio Reflector" venue (for AG 3.0.2), as per the
instructions here:
>>> Does the room work for anyone else?  Or is the room broken?
>> I used it successfully yesterday when testing a laptop node in the
Library and again just now from our lab node.
>>> I'm using this address:
>>> I want to test out my sound (obviously), the bars in RAT are moving
but I don't have any way to test the sound...
>> Perhaps your signal isn't reaching the reflector. When you're in that
venue, you should see the "APAG AudioReflector" entry in rat itself. You
should also see 2 entries for your own node. If you don't see all those
entries then your traffic isn't being seen (and audio reflection can't
work) - therefore check your firewalls, multicast etc.
>> chris
>> Christoph Willing                       +61 7 3365 8350
>> QCIF Access Grid Manager
>> University of Queensland

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