[AG-TECH] a few AG3.1 beta problems

Antonio Bandeira bandeira at fe.up.pt
Thu Jul 12 19:37:35 CDT 2007


I am running FC7 32bit but, as I said, I am not very sure about this actually being related to AG3.1Beta or any other problems with the venue server itself.
When it occurred there was no time to trace where the origin of the problem was... Venue server is AG3.0.2 running on FC6 32bit.

About the autoplace, the only thing I found different from the reported in the ticket is that it occurs when clicking the 'quit' button (and not the Window Decoration 'X').

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Hi António,

> - Autoplace from VIC will not show up for the second time I try to set it.
> The first time I hit 'autoplace' in vic, it works fine. I can set it ok and
> when done I hit 'quit'. When I try to set it again, hitting 'autoplace'
> button in vic, it does nothing.

This issue has been reported to the Sumover Project and the ticket can
be viewed here:

I've submitted a patch to fix it.

> I also had problems connecting to a 3.0.2 Venue Server with encryption set
> up. Vic was not able to connect. I am not very sure about this, but at that
> time, the only way to solve it was removing encryption from the venue
> configuration. 

On which version of Fedora 7, 32bit or x86-64?


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