[AG-TECH] a few AG3.1 beta problems

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Jul 12 18:24:06 CDT 2007

Hi António,

> - Autoplace from VIC will not show up for the second time I try to set it.
> The first time I hit 'autoplace' in vic, it works fine. I can set it ok and
> when done I hit 'quit'. When I try to set it again, hitting 'autoplace'
> button in vic, it does nothing.

This issue has been reported to the Sumover Project and the ticket can
be viewed here:

I've submitted a patch to fix it.

> I also had problems connecting to a 3.0.2 Venue Server with encryption set
> up. Vic was not able to connect. I am not very sure about this, but at that
> time, the only way to solve it was removing encryption from the venue
> configuration. 

On which version of Fedora 7, 32bit or x86-64?


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