[AG-TECH] node configuration problems with multi-machine node

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Fri Aug 24 21:04:28 CDT 2007

Hi James,

On the command-line, try:
  vic -D "V4L:/dev/video0"

Does it select the correct device? If not, then for some reason, the
wrong version of vic is being used.

What is the output of 'vic -v'? It should also contain "VIC
2.8ucl1.3.0" (i.e UCL SUMOVER vic) and not "VIC 2.8ucl-1.1.3-AG" (i.e.
ANL AG vic).

> Nope, no dice. I deleted the node config on display, and removed the 
> Video directories from ~/.AccessGrid3/local_services/ Same thing. I 
> definately have different devices selected in the node config. Though 
> one thing that I think is strange is that I only have 4 capture cards, 
> and 8 listed devices when adding a node service...

UCL vic from the Sumover SVN repository supports both Video4Linux and
V4L2, while ANL AG vic only supports V4L.

The Ubuntu AG 3.02 AccessGrid package appears to have the new AG 3.1
video device detection code back-ported to it. The new code will qualify
the device with a V4L and/or V4L2 prefix. So if a video device claims to
support both the V4L and V4L2 API, it will appear twice.

> V4L:/dev/video3
> V4L:/dev/video2
> V4L:/dev/video1
> V4L:/dev/video0
> V4L2:/dev/video3
> V4L2:/dev/video2
> V4L2:/dev/video1
> V4L2:/dev/video0
> I seem to remember in the past the devices were only listed as /dev/videoX
> and there definately wasn't 2 per device. Either way... if I pick the 
> V4L or the V4L2, I get the same result.


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