[AG-TECH] node configuration problems with multi-machine node

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Thu Aug 23 18:03:11 CDT 2007

G'day James

Which version of the AG are you using, AG 2 or 3???

The thing I would look at is your node configuration...  In AG 3, simply
go to the venue Client, and then select Tools -> Configure Node
Services.  In your configuration, you specify the VideoConsumers,
VideoProducers, etc.  I would check the resource of each video producer
uses. I suspect that it might be all using the same resource, ie,

If this is the case, I would remove the offending VideoProducers and
create new ones using a different resource.

I hope this helps.


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I have an XP display machine which runs the venue client and the node 
configuration.  My capture box for audio and video is an Ubuntu machine 
with 4 Hauppauge cards all identical using the bt878 chipset.  I have 
multiple video producer services set up using streams /dev/video0 
through video3 , but for some reason, when a venue is launched, all 4 of

the capture windows enable the same device (/dev/video3)  The 
interesting thing is that I can rename the streams in the node 
configuration on display, and the stream names make it to the capture 
box.  For some reason, the ServiceManager just won't open teh proper 
device for each stream.

Once the streams are up, I can go to the menu of each stream on the 
capture box, and select the proper device which brings up the proper 
stream, but it still doesn't remember it's setting when switching



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