[AG-TECH] Capture cards and PCI-X

Scobie, David David.Scobie at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Wed Aug 1 17:06:30 CDT 2007

Bonjour John, 

#I've been running the Osprey 440 - with RCA connections to my sony
cameras (they come with BNC/RCA adaptors) but I've been running this
capture machine with FC6 since that's all it does (and does it very

I think the 440 is sounding better and better to me all the time; Well
priced, tested and reliable.

#BUT... I do run multiple osprey cards on windows (230's I believe,
maybe a few 210's) in another machine at another site with no problems
with AG 3.0.2 (except I used at the time the older ?2.2.? Osprey drivers
instead of the new ones).

I'll have a look at the older osprey drivers.   Are they listed on the
Viewcast site, or do we have a repo for them somewhere else?

#So, - what version of AG are you using? Are you using 3.0.2? Or

For historical reasons, we remain on Version 2; my colleagues in New
Brunswick tried to run version 3 earlier this year between their two
sites and I believe the AG3 Bridge DOS'd the campus networks;
consequently the cutover to V3 was put on hold by management.  My
knowledge of that situation is vague at best however, If I am incorrect
on this, and my colleague Christian is still trolling the list, he might
be able to shed some more light on the situation.

I have one multipurpose AV machine (web-streaming helix/AG) as a PIG
node with two Osprey 230's in it however I have run it with only one
camera attached fro AG.  I might give it a try and see what result I
Maybe someone else can chime in on that aspect...

#P.S. So, I've been running AG3.x for over a year now - we now use it in
production for our entire state AG infrastructure (18 nodes and
counting) and it's much more productive for us than that of 2.x.

Perhaps it is time we looked again at upgrading to V3....

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