[AG-TECH] Questions about Bluecherry PV-149 capture card

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Fri Apr 20 12:47:06 CDT 2007


	Yes, they do show up as video0 through video3 and are regular video 
devices. They work with the standard BT878 driver, if it's in the kernel 
it's just there and working immediately. I've also had no problem 
getting them to work in Windows either. I did have an issue under 
windows with an existing Hauppauge card conflicting with the first 
capture port. By itself the included drivers worked great with AG under 
Windows too.


Sam Liston wrote:
>    I know I've seen posts by someone on the list concerning the 
> Bluecherry PV-149 4 port capture card.   I was looking to purchase a 
> couple and I was wondering if anyone could share there experience with 
> using these cards under Linux.  Did installation go smoothly, etc?  Does 
> each input just show up as a different /dev/video*?
>    Any insight would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Sam

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