[AG-TECH] Questions about Bluecherry PV-149 capture card

Sam Liston stliston at chpc.utah.edu
Thu Apr 19 16:29:49 CDT 2007

    I know I've seen posts by someone on the list concerning the 
Bluecherry PV-149 4 port capture card.   I was looking to purchase a 
couple and I was wondering if anyone could share there experience with 
using these cards under Linux.  Did installation go smoothly, etc?  Does 
each input just show up as a different /dev/video*?
    Any insight would be appreciated.

Samuel T. Liston <stliston at chpc.utah.edu>
Systems Administrator - Visualization
Univ. of Utah
 Center for High Performance Computing
  155 S. 1452 E. Room 405
  Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

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