[AG-TECH] AG3 on FC6

Mike Weaver weaver at er.doe.gov
Fri Oct 27 11:07:19 CDT 2006

Greetings AG-Tech,

Primarily a question for Doug, but I'm sure the list would be interested.  I
see some initial Fedora Core 6 AG 3.0.2 RPMs available from the Vislab at
the University of Queensland.  What are the plans to work around the
OpenMotif dependencies?  

If you're not aware, the OpenMotif package was pulled from the FC6 release
as not meeting Fedora's licensing requirements.  Both the AccessGrid &
Compat-AccessGrid RPMs depend on OpenMotif.  The suggested solution is to
rebuild dependent packages with LessTif.  It may be that upgrading from a
previous FC release may leave OpenMotif installed, but I believe that
LessTif obsoletes it.  Now, I'm not an RPM builder, but I'd be willing to
give it a go, if this is the proper way to proceed.

Thoughts? Comments?



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