[AG-TECH] AG3 on FC6

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Fri Oct 27 17:47:55 CDT 2006

Hi Mike,

> Primarily a question for Doug, but I'm sure the list would be interested.  I
> see some initial Fedora Core 6 AG 3.0.2 RPMs available from the Vislab at
> the University of Queensland.  What are the plans to work around the
> OpenMotif dependencies?  

The OpenMotif dependency was so that VenueVNC uses the mwm window manger
instead of twm. Most users find mwm a little more intuitive to use.

> If you're not aware, the OpenMotif package was pulled from the FC6 release
> as not meeting Fedora's licensing requirements.  Both the AccessGrid &
> Compat-AccessGrid RPMs depend on OpenMotif.  The suggested solution is to
> rebuild dependent packages with LessTif.  It may be that upgrading from a
> previous FC release may leave OpenMotif installed, but I believe that
> LessTif obsoletes it.  Now, I'm not an RPM builder, but I'd be willing to
> give it a go, if this is the proper way to proceed.
> Thoughts? Comments?

OpenMotif was dropped in FC6T2 and put back in FC6T3, then dropped again
in FC6. I built the AG RPMs against a clean install of FC6T3.

The simplest thing is just to drop the OpenMotif dependency. I'll put up
new RPMs.

Thanks for the bug report.


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