[AG-TECH] Is there a Venue Client time out?

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Wed Oct 4 08:37:36 CDT 2006

	I tend to keep our AG 2.4 node 'parked' in the lobby of our venue 
server, so I can tell if someone 'drops by'. I've been able to do that 
for an indefinite amount of time, so I wonder if something has changed 
for 3.x. I'd be interested to know, and also would like to be able to do 
the same for the 3.x client when that's in use more often and I want to 
'park' it in the same way.


Daniel Eiland wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would agree with the need to have a continual setting for the VC. What 
> may work better is to have the time-out setting something that is 
> something set on the Venue Server instead of the client. We are looking 
> at having extended sessions also and if there is a time out on the VC 
> then we will have to find a workaround.
> Best Regards -
> Daniel L. Eiland
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> The Center for Computation and Technology
> Louisiana State University
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> Bonnett, PG (Paul) wrote:
>> Jimmy,
>> You make an interesting point, however I would make the opposing 
>> argument that we have in past had occasion where certain operators 
>> have forgotten to shut down their VC after a meeting and the following 
>> day we go to setup a meeting only to find their audio & video still 
>> sitting in our venue.
>> I  would like to see a 12 hour timeout for the 'normal' VC which 
>> perhaps could be overridden (by changing a setting in preferences 
>> perhaps) to allow you to run your extended sessions.
>> Paul Bonnett
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>> Does the AGtk3.0.x Venue Client have a time-out? I have parked my PIG 
>> in the Argonne Lobby over night and in the morning when I type into 
>> the jabber client, it tells by that I have to be connected to a venue; 
>> video and audio appears to still be working. I'm curious because I'd 
>> like initiate an "always on" scenario with the grid but if the system 
>> times out at some point that can be problematic. Any insights?
>> Jimmy
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