[AG-TECH] Is there a Venue Client time out?

Daniel Eiland deilands at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Oct 4 07:55:19 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I would agree with the need to have a continual setting for the VC. What 
may work better is to have the time-out setting something that is 
something set on the Venue Server instead of the client. We are looking 
at having extended sessions also and if there is a time out on the VC 
then we will have to find a workaround.

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Bonnett, PG (Paul) wrote:
> Jimmy,
> You make an interesting point, however I would make the opposing 
> argument that we have in past had occasion where certain operators 
> have forgotten to shut down their VC after a meeting and the following 
> day we go to setup a meeting only to find their audio & video still 
> sitting in our venue.
> I  would like to see a 12 hour timeout for the 'normal' VC which 
> perhaps could be overridden (by changing a setting in preferences 
> perhaps) to allow you to run your extended sessions.
> Paul Bonnett
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> Does the AGtk3.0.x Venue Client have a time-out? I have parked my PIG 
> in the Argonne Lobby over night and in the morning when I type into 
> the jabber client, it tells by that I have to be connected to a venue; 
> video and audio appears to still be working. I'm curious because I'd 
> like initiate an "always on" scenario with the grid but if the system 
> times out at some point that can be problematic. Any insights?
> Jimmy
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