[AG-TECH] Use Unicast greyed out

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Oct 2 13:00:10 CDT 2006

The BridgeServer runs against individual venues or against a whole venue 
In a venue with a registered bridge, the 'Use Unicast' option will 
display a message
that no bridges are available, as of (I think) AG2.4.  Earlier AG2 
versions will
gray out the 'Use Unicast' menu item so it is not selectable.

There should be an indication of the problem in the bridge server log or 
the venue
server log.  Some possible problems here are: 

- bridge certificate has insufficient privileges or is invalid
- time on one of the machines is not accurately set
- venue server hostname not recognized by bridge machine

> What is needed for the Venue Client to detect de bridge?.
If the bridge successfully registers with the venue, it should be 
in the venueclient.  There is no communication of control info between the
venueclient and the bridge (the only data transferred is media data).


On 10/2/06 12:55 PM, Natalia Costas wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I tried to bridge a venue server from an insitution in Peru, but I 
> wasnt successful and I am not sure why (the "Use Unicast" option is 
> greyed out). I did that before for another venue server in the 
> University of Vigo, and everything went fine.
> There are no errors shown on the Bridge Server Log. Any hints about 
> what's going on?
> Thanx a lot in advance,
> Kind regards.
> PS: Even tough the bridge ports were closed.. and the traffic couldnt 
> be delivered.. shouldn the Use Unicast option be highlighted?. What is 
> needed for the Venue Client to detect de bridge?.

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