[AG-TECH] VRVS-AccessGrid gateway

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Oct 2 13:23:08 CDT 2006

I'd like to qualify this statement:

"Note that the current release of AG3 does not have functioning unicast"

AG3 does indeed have functional unicast support.  It will not work for 
people who are behind an http proxy server, as reported in an open bug 
(http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/accessgrid/show_bug.cgi?id=1583).  However, 
the unicast support in AG3 has been tested by many people in the 
community who have reported success.  Please _do_ use this 
functionality, and report any bugs you find to 
bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/accessgrid so we can get them fixed and further 
improve this support.

Tom Uram

On 9/20/06 5:39 AM, Sara Hawkins wrote:
> Hi Natalia
> Are you using the ANL bridged venues or the AGSC ones which were launched earlier this year?
> A problem has been identified with VRVS to AG bridging when using unicast on our Roberts (Insors) server. Bridging on our AG2.4 server and our Virgo server (Insors) tested OK this morning. (Note that the current release of AG3 does not have functioning unicast so we are not running this server in service mode at present.) 
> Multicast connections have also been tested today.
> I would be happy to run a specific test with you to check for any localised issues.
> Please do not hesitate to contact the Access Grid Support Centre directly if you have further problems, contact details below.
> Please use our helpdesk e-mail support at agsc.ja.net to ensure that you get an answer regardless of who is in and out of the office.
> Best regards
> Sara
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> Email: sara.hawkins at manchester.ac.uk
> Alternatively: support at agsc.ja.net
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> Hi everybody,
> We would like to know if people are using the VRVS-AccessGrid bridged 
> rooms in their meetings. We tried it a couple of times but our 
> experience wasnt very good, maybe we are doing something wrong?.
> It is important for us because people in our projects are used to VRVS 
> and some rather prefer to avoid migration to AccessGrid at first instance.
> Any help is greatly appreciated, thanx in advance,
> Kind regards.

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