[AG-TECH] Migration of Documents from AG-Central

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Fri Nov 10 00:42:52 CST 2006

G'day AG Colleagues

For those who have been unaware, there has been some effort to migrate
documents from AG-Central to the accessgrid.org website.

This email is directed to those document writers who currently have
documents on AG-Central.  If you currently have any documentation that
is currently located on AG-Central, could you please re-create (Simple
copy and paste works well) your own documents on accessgrid.org as soon
as possible.  Once the document has been re-created, could you delete or
unpublished the document on AG-Central.

The reason for this request is to encourage all AG documents to be
located on a single centralized place.

On a side note, we are currently looking at moving the node-listings as
well and will keep you informed about it.

For those who may find the process of using the "new" documentation
process daunting at accessgrid.org, I will endeavor to write a quick
guide early next week for you.

Thanks for your time,

P.S. I would encourage new document writers to use accessgrid.org as


Jason Bell, B.I.T.
B. Info. Tech. (Honours) Student

Network Engineer
Information Technology Division
Central Queensland University

High Performance Computing Support Officer
Central Queensland University

E-mail : j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Phone : 07 4930 9229


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