[AG-TECH] agtk 3.0.2 and Windows XP64

Paul Hatton P.S.Hatton at bham.ac.uk
Fri Nov 10 04:52:38 CST 2006

Has anyone got AGTK 3.0.2 running on 64-bit XP on Intel (or AMD for 
that matter, but we're currently on Intel EM64T in HP xw8200s for our 
64-bit workstations)? One of our users reports that it fails on 
startup, probably with a python issue, but no error message. AGTK 2.4 
is OK on this platform. Note this isn't asking about Itanium.

The Access Grid Support Centre here (UK) is planning to withdraw 
their AGTK2 server/bridge soon, so I wonder if they have tested AGTK3 
on x64?


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