[AG-TECH] VIC, RAT and QuickBridge

Fabrizio.Berdondini at prototipo.it Fabrizio.Berdondini at prototipo.it
Mon May 29 10:59:42 CDT 2006

Hello all,
I found a quite old manual of the QuickBridge for AG2.0, stating that it 
is possible, once the bridge has been launched on a machine, 
sending/receiving audio/video connecting to the bridge via VIC/RAT 
(without AG client) with the following commands:

VIC <QuickBridge hostname>/<port>
RAT <QuickBridge hostname>/<port>

I tried to launch VIC and RAT  this way on my notebook, using the IP of 
our bridge machine and the multicast|unicast port assigned by it to a 
specific bridged venue, but I wasn't able to connect my audio/video.
Is this procedure still available on the current version of QuickBridge, 
or is there something wrong in the way i'm connecting the mbone tools to 
Faber B.
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