[AG-TECH] Winnov Videum 4400 & AG3.0.1

Adam Taylor accessgrid at ulm.edu
Tue May 30 14:01:53 CDT 2006

This sounds like what I ran into with the WDM drivers and AG3.0.1.  In my
problem I have 3 cards that all show up with the same name in device
manager(windows xp).  Vic only seems to get information about the first card
and doesn't use the other two when started up.  I'm willing to bet that the
4400 shows up in a similar fashion in device manager.

To fix it I had to rename ALL instances in the windows registry to something
unique.  Example:

Video Capture
Video Capture
Video Capture

Was changed into

Video Capture #1
Video Capture #2
Video Capture #3

Once I did this, vic seemes to properly get all capture cards correctly and
has been working for me ever since.

Hope this helps.

Adam Taylor
Computing Center
University of Louisiana at Monroe

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Alas, I've now been able to test the WDM drivers with the card and AG3.0.1.
No dice.  Only the first input can be utilized with AG.  I wasn't able to
test this with the AG3.0b2.  AG3.0b2 did handle the VFW drivers correctly.
AG3.0.1 cannot display the streams via VFW.

Maybe someone else has gotten better results.?

I'm going to submit this as a bug report fairly soon.


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