[AG-TECH] Scaling the multicast mountain - Part 2: what do I need to ask the NOC

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Tue May 23 11:12:49 CDT 2006

Hi Thad,

Yup, I'm sure the ability to ping off-campus will be a step in the right direction! ;)

You might want to take a look at this document, and/or send it along to your networking staff:


You're right that just asking for multicast isn't enough detail -- there are real issues with port access that will likely be an issue if you're behind a firewall. Many of us end up in the DMZ as a result, though there are other successful approaches.


Thad Sze wrote:
> So I think we've established that the reason that I can't see the list 
> of bridges is that I can't ping off campus.
> Now, so far as multicast, I have to figure out exactly what I need to 
> ask the NOC for, who have said that they might be able to configure 
> multicast on some of our subnets.  I'm worried that just asking for 
> multicast to be turned on may not be detailed enough.  Should I, for 
> instance, ask for any of the following:
> access to mbone, or just multicast routing to Abilene?
> any specific multicast address space or all of it?
> anything else that those of you who have had to ask your NOCs to enable 
> multicast before ran into because you didn't know to ask for it initially?
> Thanks,
> Thad

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