[AG-TECH] Scaling the multicast mountain - Part 2: what do I need to ask the NOC

Thad Sze tsze at deas.harvard.edu
Tue May 23 10:49:39 CDT 2006

So I think we've established that the reason that I can't see the  
list of bridges is that I can't ping off campus.

Now, so far as multicast, I have to figure out exactly what I need to  
ask the NOC for, who have said that they might be able to configure  
multicast on some of our subnets.  I'm worried that just asking for  
multicast to be turned on may not be detailed enough.  Should I, for  
instance, ask for any of the following:

access to mbone, or just multicast routing to Abilene?

any specific multicast address space or all of it?

anything else that those of you who have had to ask your NOCs to  
enable multicast before ran into because you didn't know to ask for  
it initially?



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