[AG-TECH] AG3: two questions about Bridging/Unicast

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Mon May 22 13:15:29 CDT 2006

Fabrizio.Berdondini at prototipo.it wrote:
> Hi all,
> following my previous thread about bridging with AG3, I'd like to 
> point out it with two questions about bridging and the use of unicast 
> under AG3.
> 1) How would be possible to set up a bridge for an AG3 venue server? 
> Does it require a config file as for AG2.4? What is a "RegistryClient"?
You can run a bridge like so:

Bridge.py --name NAME --location LOCATION

There are some other options, too, which you can see by running 
'Bridge.py -h'.  Of particular note is the
bridge port range, which you'll have to ensure is open for clients to be 
able to use it.

> 2) AG3 features report that with AG3 bridge/unicast is allowed for 
> each room. I tried to enable unicast (here we are not able to reach 
> the mbone as far as now) in many public rooms, but nothing seems to 
> change. I noticed that the "bridges" option under the "tools" menu of 
> the VenueClient is always empty... so I was wondering if a bridge 
> inside there is needed in order to switch to unicast inside the room.

A bridge must appear in the list of bridges for a unicast connection to 
work.  If you see 'No bridges available', you can
send your logfile to me so I can understand what is going wrong.
> OK, I know, just some more than really two questions but... anyway...
> thank you for your support,
> Bye,
> Faber B. 

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