[AG-TECH] Hardware concern ...

Breuer, Roman rbreuer at rz.rwth-aachen.de
Thu May 18 03:11:19 CDT 2006

one quick note from my point of view:

> I have found one gotcha, maybe down to having 2 dual-head video cards
> rather than one triple or even quad-head card (the latter were rather
> expensive at the time; I'm not sure if quad head was available at
> all, but triple head certainly was at a price). One of the regular
I started buying a Matrox QID PCI quad-head videocard and found out,
that it is not worth the money for displaying video. I use VLC-player to
playback multicast streams and get at least 15fps (estimated). Than I
replaced it with the PCI-Express 16x version, but I still get a maximum
of 20 fps for 3 displays. And even if I configure the card to only use
one display the video does not get better. The second amazing fact is,
that when you place a vic-window on the second display of the QID-card
the frame appears on tat display, but the video will be displayed on the
first display.... :(
To make an long story short: My actual configuration is like the Pauls
config. I use one dual-head videocard (Matrox G550 PCI) for the two
rearprojections and the QUI card for the local monitor... What a shame
:( But it works. Two low cost G550 are cheaper and better than one
expensive QID-quad videocard. And I can display video on all three

> uses is joint teaching of a Physics 4th year course that has students
> here and at a remote site (Rutherford Appleton, for the UK readers of
> this list). We sometimes played a DVD locally at each site, and some
> players - I think some versions of media player and Cyberlink
> PowerDVD - get upset at running full-screen on a secondary graphics
> card. The master card drives the console monitor, only using one of
I have not found out any problem in displaying fullscreen with the
mediaplayer on the secondary display of my g550. But I am an little bit
surprised, because I expected the same problem, as you describe.


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