[AG-TECH] ARSC Postdoctoral Seminar Series

Paul Mercer mercer at arsc.edu
Wed May 17 14:11:39 CDT 2006

Sorry about this late notice and cross posting spam.

Starting today the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center Postdoctoral  
Fellow's are going to present their work this summer in a seminar  
series to take place on the First and Third Wednesdays of each month  
at 1pm Alaska time.  We will be using the lobby of the Arctic Region  
Supercomputing venue server located at  https://agserver.arsc.edu: 
8000/Venues/default.  The venue is bridged for those without multicast.

Todays presentation is by Dr. John C. Chappelow.

Arctic Region Supercomputing Center Postdoctoral Science Seminar Series
Atmospheres and Impact: Mars
John C. Chappelow, ARSC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Earth and
Planetary Remote Sensing Group at the Geophysical Institute

Meteoritic impact cratering on planetary bodies has long been used
to infer surface ages and geologic processes and histories on
planetary bodies. However, the very different appearances of the
surfaces of the Earth and Moon attest to the effects atmospheres can
have on incoming meteoroid populations. In this talk I will describe
how impact cratering can also be used to study the histories
atmospheres. I will also show that meteorite accumulation can be
used to for all of the same purposes cratering can. Finally I will
present what one meteorite has to say about the Mars's atmosphere.

thank you

Paul Mercer
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
907 450 8649

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