[AG-TECH] VRVS or point-to-point

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Fri May 12 10:48:45 CDT 2006

If you're just connecting two sites, it might be easiest to do point-to-point in the media tools directly, rather than working with VRVS and the Venue Client; there's no real advantage to using multicast space in that context.

I believe that with point-to-point you simply need the address of the other person's computer, and a fairly arbitrary port number (you can use anything not currently in use on that machine).

So, you could do something like rat -t127 [IP-address}/5000

	where IP-address == the machine at the other site

I'm sure if I'm mistaken, or if I'm misunderstanding the problem, somebody here can correct me!


Derek Piper wrote:
>     VRVS bridges certain venues between AG participants and the VRVS  
> and polycom participants. Try some booking one a of the NCSA venues.
>     For anything more it's probably something to take up with the VRVS 
> people.
>     Derek
> Chun-Yu CHAN wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to help a remote user to connect an AG meeting on Monday.  
>> The remote site does not have AGtk installed and he may not have 
>> administrator access to the machine.  But the user got VRVS machine.  
>> I was playing with VRVS for the last hour or so.  I got the VRVS 
>> connected to a AG venue (Bridgeport).  But the RAT and VIC were not 
>> connected to the venue.  could someone give me some hint about using 
>> VRVS connect to AG?
>> After that, I successfully connected RAT to the AG with the VRVS's RAT 
>> [rat.exe milton.mcs.anl.gov/50098].  But I cannot find the IP and port 
>> information for the video display.  So my second question is that 
>> where can I find a list of unicast IP/port information for people to 
>> do point-to-point connection?
>> Sincerely,
>> CY

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