[AG-TECH] Problems connecting to AGServiceManager on capture node

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu May 11 08:01:30 CDT 2006

Hi Michael,

Michael Braitmaier wrote:
> In the meantime the behaviour is like the following:
> I can connect to my capture node without problems:
> Capture node:
> video & audio capture
> running
> AGServiceManager -n (means NodeService also moved to this machine)
> DisplayMachine:
> -Running VenueClient with personalNode=1
> -Can't get displays machine ServiceManager
> -Capture machine servicemanager available
> -Upon "Connect to Node" I get display machines servicemanager.

Interesting, I've never used that combination with AG3, I just start a 
ServiceManger on the capture PC and use the NodeService that is 
automatically started with the VenueClient on the display PC. I also don't 
use the personalNode argument with AG3, personal node or otherwise.

Since you are using straight AG CVS code on FC5, the Avahi service discovery 
code I wrote in AccessGrid/ServiceDiscovery.py wasn't designed to work using 
straight CVS code. In ServiceDiscovery.py you'll see the following code:
    avahiDiscoverExe = os.path.join(AGTkConfig.instance().GetBinDir(),
it won't find the ag-avahi-discover3.py file, but there is a 
tools/ag-avahi-discover.py file in the CVS repository which needs to be used 

> In addition the VideoConsumerService seems not to be able to find vic.
> Seems as if the vic executable is not included
> into the VideoConsumerService-Zip. Possibly this error is restricted to
> my local machines, as I am running from
> CVS here, but I experience the same behaviour under FC3 with
> VideoConsumerService.

That's a CVS issue, the CVS code will probably need to modified to fallback 
to /usr/bin/vic or /usr/bin/rat if it can't find one extracted from the 
corresponding zip file (or alternatively you would need to build or copy vic 
and rat so that the script that generates the zip files finds them). For the 
AccessGrid 3.0 RPM, I patch the code to use /usr/bin/rat and /usr/bin/vic. 
I'll probably checkin something into CVS that makes my patch redundant.

For people that are interested in running CVS code, but don't want to go to 
the effort of doing a CVS checkout, etc. I've placed an AccessGrid 3.0 CVS 
snapshot RPM for python 2.4 based Fedora's (i.e. FC4 & FC5) here:
and will be creating the CVS snapshots periodically.


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