[AG-TECH] Problems connecting to AGServiceManager on capture node

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed May 10 02:18:12 CDT 2006

Hi Michael,

> Thanks for claryfing the URL aspect.
> While reading your reply I might have discovered my problem, if it is one 
> at all.
> Unfortunately the display machine is located in a different network than 
> the capture machine, so they are not within the same local subnet,
> which I assumed shouldn't be a problem assuming the ports
> are opened for the capture machine's subnet (eg. 11000 for the service 
> manager, and possibly ports for the services). Is this assumption correct?

That would explain why the two PCs aren't able to discover each other. So 
would just mean you have to manually enter the URL and it should just work. 
the /etc/hosts suggestion I made in my previous email may still be 
applicable if you aren't using DHCP.

On the FC5 PC, you could issue '/usr/bin/avahi-discover' to see what 
Bonjour/ZeroConf servers are being published on the local domain.


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