[AG-TECH] Problems connecting to AGServiceManager on capture node

Michael Braitmaier braitmaier at hlrs.de
Tue May 9 10:53:57 CDT 2006

Hello everyone!

I finally got AG3 isntalled on a FC3 and FC5 system. The FC3 system is 
the display system used for controlling the session.
The FC5 system acts as capture node. Both installations seem to be fine 
and I can join the ANL vv3 VenueServer.
However I seem not to be able to connect from my FC3 system to the 
servcie manager of the FC5 system.
I get the attached error on the FC3 system when trying to add the 
service manager.

Did the format of specifying the service manager in the node management 
I used <IP>:<Port>.
The first time I drop down the combo box it is empty. Then enetering the 
IP and port also gives me an error and
when I then click the drop-down box I se an entry 

I think this might be wrong?
The service manager on the capture node tells me it is started on 
http://<IP>:<Port>/ServiceManager (without the "s")

Someone has an idea, what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Dipl.-Inf. Michael Braitmaier
HLRS - Visualization / Video Conferencing
University of Stuttgart
Phone: ++49 711 685 65996
Fax  : ++49 711 682 357
Website: http://www.hlrs.de/people/braitmaier/

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