[AG-TECH] unexpected behaviour from AG3

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Tue May 9 12:50:27 CDT 2006

We have seen that problem and are addressing it.  Thanks for reporting it.

The media tools stayed up due to a user preference under VenueConnection,
namely "Shut down media tools on removal from venue"; the default setting
for this option is to _not_ shut down the media tools.  This may be useful
when dealing with intentional removal from the venue, or inadvertent removal
due to network problems.  The behavior you're seeing is a bug, which we
will fix.


Dean W. Nobles wrote:
> I got bounced out of the ANL Lobby a couple of times this morning and
> each time my 'presence' in the venue continued.  The media tools
> continued to run and I just re-joined the venue.  I was out of the room
> when bounced from the venue, so I'm not certain just how what the
> duration of these events were.
> --dean

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