[AG-TECH] video consumer vic not always receive feeds... the video producer vic does instead

Natalia Costas natalia at cesga.es
Mon May 8 10:30:27 CDT 2006

Ah, yes.. i forgot to tell about the bridge...
We will use our "workaround" meanwhile it is not solved.

Thax a lot Tom!

Thomas D. Uram escribió:

> Natalia:
> It sounds like you are using a bridge.  If so, the problem is that the 
> bridge only
> sends data to a single application per machine, so only one of your 
> vic instances
> will get video data from the bridge.  This is a known bug in our 
> bugzilla.
> If you are not using a bridge, please let us know, as this would be some
> strange behavior.
> Thanks,
> Tom
> Natalia Costas wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> Giving a hand to our collegues at the University of Extremadura, we 
>> found a problem. Maybe someone knows the solution. The problem arises 
>> with a one machine node with two capture cards:
>> They have 2 videoproducer services + 1 videoconsumer. The problem is 
>> that the videofeeds go to any of the vics (video producer of 
>> videoconsumer) randomly... so.. sometimes the videoconsumer vic 
>> receives nothing (but the videoproducer vic does), and it starts 
>> receiving the feeds only when i close one of the video producer vics.
>> The only workaround i've found is to add 2 video services (so any of 
>> them receive the feeds and are unmuted). Both receive all the feeds, 
>> but i dont like that solution very much. I am afraid it might have 
>> some impact on performance (the videostreams are delivered to two 
>> different applications...)
>> Thanx a lot in advance,
>> Kind regards.

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