[AG-TECH] Access Grid 3.0 beta1 available !

Rosario Lombardo rosario.lombardo at isti.cnr.it
Mon Jan 30 08:13:04 CST 2006

I tried the Toolkit on Windows XP SP2.
I installed all the prerequisite software except Python 2.3 because I'm 
using the same version used for AGTk2.4.

Here are the troubles :)
- Started the client, I noticed a mis arrangement of the graphical 
controls (the address bar is squeezed  by top toolbar and the Venue name)
- Starting the client makes the network unreacheable (no other net app 
works!!) and is worthless repairing or disabling-enabling the 
connection, nor ending running process: RESTART is required!
- I tried 3 times always with same results: errors in log relate to
    + ZSI
    + servicecontainer.py
    + 'rtpDefaultsFile' referenced before assignment
    + Audio/Video services
- Let me know if you need the full logs
- I get a can't connect to vv3 server error (of course, as network 
appears disconnected)

Rosario Lombardo
Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI) - Cnr, Italy
rosario.lombardo at isti.cnr.it 
<mailto:rosario.lombardo at isti.cnr.it>   *-*   http://hpc.isti.cnr.it/~lombardo 
phone: +39 050-315-3076

Thomas D. Uram wrote:
> The Access Grid 3.0 beta1 software is available for download at:
> http://www.mcs.anl.gov/fl/research/accessgrid/software/releases/3.0-beta1
> Note: This version of the software is not compatible with the current 
> AG2 software;
> see important notes at the end of this email for more specifics.
> This release is built on standard Internet technologies with the 
> intent of
> bringing greater stability, performance, and interoperability.  This 
> shift,
> and improvements from lessons learned in AG2, combine to make AG3
> a well-rounded basis for collaborative software development going
> forward.  We would welcome your contributions to the future of the
> AccessGrid software in the following areas:
> - Core development
> - Testing and bug reporting
> - Bug fixing
> - Documentation
> If you're interested in contributing, please let us know at 
> ag-info at mcs.anl.gov.
> Many thanks to those who have already contributed in these and other 
> areas.
> Features of this release include:
> - Jabber client integration (thanks to LBNL)
> - Integrated meeting schedule viewer
> - Improved venue navigation
>    - View all Venues on server, exits from current Venue, or MyVenues
>    - Tree-based perusal of Venue space (without entering)
> - VenueClient user preferences
> - Certificate not required by VenueClient
> - Improved control of media tools through VenueClient
> - Multicast indicator on VenueClient
> - Integrated per-Venue Multicast Beacon client
> - Integrated beacon matrix
> - New bridging facility (available in any venue)
> - Encrypted network communications throughout
> - Simplified node configuration through discovery of
>    node services and service managers
> - RAT:  silence suppression off by default
> - VIC:  stale streams time out and are removed
> - Windows WDM capture device support, enabling
>    use of capture cards with new style drivers (e.g. Winnov,
>    iTuner) (thanks to UCL)
> For the technically curious:
> - More interoperable SOAP implementation (thanks to LBNL
>    and the pywebsvcs project)
> - FTPS-based file transfer
> The software ships pointing at the test AG3 VenueServer here
> at Argonne National Laboratory; the URL of the VenueServer
> lobby is:
>    https://vv3.mcs.anl.gov:8000/Venues/default
> Note that this is beta software, intended for testing rather than 
> production
> use.  As always, user feedback is welcome. Please file bug reports,
> feature requests, or enhancements via the Access Grid Bugzilla
> page ( http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/accessgrid ).
> Documentation has not been updated for this release.  Work on
> the documentation will proceed following the beta release.
> The AG3 software is not in any way compatible with the AG2 software.
> No combination of AG2 and AG3 clients and servers will work together.
> The AG3 installers have been built to allow AG2 and AG3 to be installed
> on a single machine without conflicting with each other.  This means
> that users should be able to install AG3 on machines where they have
> AG2 installed, and use either one.
> Thanks,
> The Access Grid team
> Argonne National Laboratory/University of Chicago

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