[AG-TECH] Bridge Server problmes?

G.T. Chiang gtc25 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 30 07:52:41 CST 2006

Dear All
   we are trying to set our bridge server. we are running venues server at 
same mahcines for testing. however, when we start the bridge server using 
BridgeServer.py -c bridge.conf

it is hanging there, i fi chekc the log it stop at 01/30/06 12:13:07 
-1208039744 Toolkit BridgeServer.py:720 INFO - Send stop message to queue 
processor 01/30/06 12:13:07 -1208039744 Toolkit BridgeServer.py:726 INFO 
Shutdown exiting 01/30/06 12:13:07 95853488 Toolkit BridgeServer.py:623 
INFO RunQueueThread exiting (END)

we had a notehr machines using the same environment, same AG version and 
OS. it works there. is it due to the host certificate? at this moment, we 
still not get the AG host cert, just send requet. however, we are using our 
CA and signing policy and issue cert to this machine using ourself CA. will 
that be a problme without using AG issued cert?

or there is anothter part we have to check for running bridge server?

thakn you so much for any suggestion!

Best regard! 


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