[AG-TECH] Lobby for Polycom PVX for Apple and Unix/Linux (fwd)

Ulrich Schwenn schwenn at rzg.mpg.de
Wed Jan 25 14:22:41 CST 2006

Hi Andrew, dear All!

I think, the main goal of  David was to encourage everybody needing 
H.323 / SIP software clients on non-Windows platforms like Macs and 
Linux to enter his personal needs for that on the Polycom web page:
So the guys from PLCM or Tandberg or VCON etc. would finally notify that 
comparing Windows to Mac / Linux installations in education & research 
would give an almost equal distribution. May be 50%Windows, 35% Linux & 
15% Macs, this is about the situation in the German Max-Planck-Society.
PVX is working fine, compatible with all hardware H.323 clients, so the 
embedding in the AG world should be straightforward.


Andrew Daviel wrote:

>(PVX is a commercial H.323 package from Polycom currently available for
>Windows only. I haven't actually seen it work - failed to run properly on
>a Thinkpad I had - but I hear it outperformed appliances at the
>Gigaconference last year - http://commons.internet2.edu/gigaconference)
>Why post to ag-tech ? Well, on Westgrid we decided to equip rooms with
>H.323 as well as AG as a backup or to talk to non-AG endpoints, and maybe
>others have done the same ...

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