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Tue Jan 10 16:05:44 CST 2006

On 11/01/2006, at 1:59 AM, Jeremy Mann wrote:

> Christoph Willing said:
>> For the AP400, you should use the AP-WARE software which you already
>> use under Windows (not GWARE, which is for the XAP400).
>> We've been able to run the AP-WARE itself OK under WINE, but don't
>> have an AP400 to actually connect to. We _think_ that AP-WARE under
>> WINE should now connect to, and control, an AP400. It'd be great if
>> you could give it a try and let us know the result.
> Unfortunately, it doesn't work with AP-WARE. The program loads  
> fine, then
> when I try to connect to our AP400, I get the errors mentioned in  
> the FAQ
> as normal, then nothing. I can add an AP-400, it then says its  
> connecting,
> but its not the Matrix I configured. I confirmed this by restarting  
> the
> program and just adding an AP400. I guess it comes with a default
> configuration you can play around with with before connecting and
> uploading the changes.


Thanks for the feedback.

You're right about a default matrix, which is nothing like what you  
really want it to be. When you "connect" to the AP400, you should see  
a popup window asking whether you want to synchronise to Document or  
to the hardware (I'm not sure of the exact wording - but something  
like that). Until you have a saved version of your setup, choose the  
hardware rather than document option. The reason is that APWARE has  
no idea of your hardware's configuration the first time it is run.  
After loading the settings from the AP400 (this may take a minute or  
so), the matrix display (and all the other settings) in APWARE will  
change to reflect your actual setup. You can now save your setup (as  
a .psr  site file), so that the next time you start the software and  
load the .psr file, it should show your setup correctly.

> Disconnecting, then trying to exit I get an OLE error, the program  
> hangs
> and Wine starts a debugger.

OK, we'll look into that.


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